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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn money by clicking?

You receive our Solos in your e-mail box.
Inside the Solo you find a link; click on that link and wait few seconds.
Check the surf bar and at the end of the counter you willl see:
- xxx credits and $0.xxxx cash have been added to your account.
Your account has been credited!

How do I earn credits?

You earn credits by watching our Page view Ads or by clicking on our
Banners, Text Ad Links and the Solo links.

How many membership type there are?

There are 3 account type:
- Free
- Gold
- Platinum

When will I get paid?

You may request to cash-out of your earnings when your account will reach $2.00
Usually we pay on Tuesday; every Tuesday.

How do I upgrade?

Click the Upgrade link inside your member's area.

When my Upgrade will expire?

Upgrades expire by reaching the 150% ROI of their value.
Every earnings you get from Ca$h In Solos are part of the ROI, except
what you get from the Revenues Shares type A and type B.

Can I use my earnings to upgrade?


What are the payment processors you are using?

We accept Payza only.

Are there any withdraw fees?

Not at the moment.

Can other people in my household join?

As long as they each have their own computer, payment account and e-mail address. As far as cheating goes, our software detects users who create fictitious accounts and use the same computer so if someone else in your household wants to join and will legitimately use their account; you shouldn't be flagged for abuse.

Can I have more than one account?

No. There is no need to maintain more than one account. If you've lost your login information, you can request to have it sent to your e-mail address. If you are caught with more then one account open (we have a very strict auditing process before payments are sent) your account(s) will be terminated, your ip address(es) will be banned and you will not receive any earnings.

My network, school or ISP all use the same or randomly used IP addresses, can I join?

No, generally not. Please contact support if you fall in this case.

How much money can I make?

There is no limit in the amount of websites you visit or referrals that you obtain. Your earning possibilities are virtually endless.

How do I refer others?

Use your unique referral code found by clicking on "Promote" on navigation menu of the members area.

How much money can I make by referring others?

There is no limit in the amount of websites that your referrals visit or upgrade commissions that you may obtain. Your earning possibilities are virtually endless.

I keep getting an error when I try to register or login!

First, make sure you are correctly typing a valid captcha. If you are typing in the correct code and still having problems then it's something to do with your browser caching the previously used session image. Try cleaning your cache, temp files, cookies, etc. If you're still having problems after all of that, try changing or updating your browser.

How often are the statistics updated?

Stats are updated instantly.

How can I cancel my account?

Inactive accounts are automatically cancelled from time to time;
you can also click on the link "Delete Account" on navigation menu of the members area.

How does the advertising work?

When you order an advertising package, You will able to set it up immediately
after the purchase. Solos have a dedicated section and you can find it by clicking on Buy Solos.
You can set up the other kinds of Ads from the member area

Are my visits guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee that every click is a unique click.

Are there any restrictions on posting Ads or Solos?

Your ad cannot promote adult content or illegal activity. We also do not accept sites that use frame breakers.

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